Hagelens LOGO rund
Hagelens / simple, but significant

Hagelens is a small Danish company, owned by Camilla and Andreas. The idea behind the brand was planted like a little seed, when their first daughter was born. As Camilla was on maternity leave, the idea grew along side their daughter.

They wanted to make some unique useable products, which would spark kids imagination and made them think outside the box. Nothing is more important that to make everyday issues like putting a coat on into a game and hopefully make small things more fun and less stressful.

Since the release of Hagelens the company has grown and become a part of the small Danish family. And the company is like a 3rd child, which the nourish and carefore like their two daughters.

By Lille Vilde / practical made Magical

A small company with great ambitions – together we make meal time a happy time and dinner time has never been more fun.

By Lille Vilde is a Danish brand with an eye for design and the creative space.

The place mats can be used for both mealtime or as a basis when doing creative thing for example making beads or drawings.

Filiokus Media / memorable book

Den unikke spørgebog med 365 spørgsmål – et til hver dag i 3 år. Stiller du dit barn et spørgsmål i dag er det med garanti et andet I morgen.

Bogen lægger op til sjove samtaler rundt om emner  som kommer i form af spørgsmål. Bogen er en unik mulighed for at notere ens barns ”guldkorn” på en smuk måde.

Man bestemmer selv om man vil bruge bogen som en del af hverdagsrutinen, måske på sengekanten før sengetid eller som inspiration til dialog et par gange om ugen..

Little Rockerz/ costume
Imaginative Volume-Limiting Headphones.

The Little Rockerz Costume headphones display features which enhance the listening experience. Due to a built-in volume limiter the headphone volume won’t go above 85 decibels.

With options for boys and girls, kids can choose the costume that best fits their personality.

ByAlex / play around

ByAlex is fair and ethical through the entire production process.

The fabrics are imported from France and Spain, and all have OEKO-TEX 100 certification.

The mattress foam is manufactured in the Netherlands, and made from natural materials, and is completely non-toxic. The playmats are handmade and assembled in the Netherlands, by Dutch seamstresses who are paid fair wages for their work.

ByAlex Playmats is the definition of contemporary Dutch design, comfort and safety. These handmade playmats are perfect for every nursery or playroom.

ByAlex playmats are so beautifully designed, they will even complement a reading nook or a play area in your main living space.

Jens Storm København/ scandinavian retro design

The inspiration for the bag is found in the click from the reflex buckle, in the look and in the feeling they got when they look at bags to the 70s / 80s when they where children themselves. 

All of this the 4 founders and designers have merged with today’s trends.

The bag is available in 5 colors.

With the size in mind, the bags are designed for girls and boys in nurseries, kindergartens, playgrounds, in the woods, under the pram, and anywhere else where they otherwise find their way.